Agroadvisory Bulletin 14-Dec- 2016

By Punjab Agricultural University on 14 Dec 2016 | read


Weather is likely to be dry during the period. Shallow to moderate fog likely during next three days. Maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to remain between 19-23 o C and 6-10 o C, respectively and maximum relative humidity is expected to remain between 82-91% and minimum between 66-76% during these days.

Under late sown conditions, short duration varieties PBW 658 and PBW 590 should be sown.

Treat the seed with with Raxil Easy/Orius 6 FS @ 13ml or Vitavax Power @ 120g or Vitavax @ 80g or Seedex 2 DS/Exzole 2 DS @ 40g per 40kg seed before sowing. Use of PAU happy seeder, zero-till drill/strip till drill can be made for sowing wheat. On medium to heavy textured soils, sowing of wheat can be done with bed planter. Urea can be applied before “rauni” (pre-sowing irrigation) or during last preparatory tillage.

The harvesting of toria should be completed to avoid losses owing to shattering. If the infestation of aphid reached the economic threshold level in sarson/ raya then spray the crop with 40 g  Actara 25 WG or 400 ml of Rogor 30 EC/Ekalux 25 EC or 600 ml of Dursban 20 EC in 100 litres of water per acre.

First cutting of early sown oats may be taken during this month to meet the fodder scarcity.

Avoid taking 2 cuttings from oats where heavy infestation of the Poa is there. Lucerne cutting can be adjusted to provide fodder during the lean months.

To protect the potato from late blight, spray the crop with Indofil M-45/Mass M-45/Markzeb/Antracol/ Kavach @ 500- 700 g or Copper Oxychloride 50 WP/Mark copper @ 750- 1000 g/acre in 250- 350 litres of water in November before the appearance of disease followed by 5 more

sprays at 7 days interval. Under heavy disease situation, give two sprays of Revus 250 SC @ 250 ml or Melody duo or Ridomil Gold or Curzate M-8 or Sectin 60 WG @ 700g or Equation Pro @ 200 ml per acre at 10 days interval.

The pea field should be kept free from weeds by giving two hoeings four and eight weeks after germination, respectively. To control weeds in pea, give pre-emergence spray of Stomp 30 EC @ 1 litre/acre or Afalon @ 500 g/acre using 150-200 litres of water/acre. For the control of powdery mildew in pea, spray Karathane 40 EC @ 80 ml or Sulfex 80 WP @ 600 g in 200 litres of water per acre. To control pea leaf miner, spray 400 ml Rogor 30 EC (dimethoate) in 80-100 litres of water per acre when

the attack starts and repeat after 15 days, if necessary.

It is the right time for planning and layout for planting decidous plants such as pear, peach, plum, grapes etc. Irrigate the bearing ber trees, if irrigation not applied in the month of October. For the control of powdery mildew in ber, spray 0.25 % wettable sulphur @ 250 g in 100 litres of water or 0.05 % Karathane 40 EC @ 50 ml or 0.05 % Bayleton 25 WP @ 50 g in 100 litres of water. Apply light and frequent irrigations to the newly planted evergreen fruit plants. The harvesting of malta and grapefruit will be in full swing.