Agro Processing - Industrial Organisations

1.DIC - District Industries Centre

The District Industries Centre comes under the department of Industries and Commerce. The primary objective of the District Industries Centre is to generate employment by way of promoting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Cottage and Handicrafts Industries. At present, this District Industries Centre implements a variety of programmes.These Programmes are implemented with an accent on development and modernisation of industries, upgradation of technology and quality control. The packages of services offered by the District Industries Centre is Multidimensional and need based so that industrial growth is facilitated

The District Industries Centre is headed by General Manager who is supported by functional Managers and technical Officers.  The General Manager is helping the entrepreneurs with necessary escort services for the new business and guidance for the existing units to grow.  All the schemes of the Department, specially MSMED Act 2006, MSMI Policy 2008, Single Window clearances, Subsidy schemes etc. are implemented through this DIC.


As Registration Agency       

  • Online registration.                                                                                                        
  • Issue Acknowledgement for Entrepreneur Memorandums filed under Part I &I I.                                                                   
  • Issue of Cottage Industries Registration Certificate.                                                    
  • Issue of Handicrafts Registration Certificate.                                                             

As Developmental Agency                                                                                              

  • Employment Generation.                                                                                               
  • Motivating and guiding the entrepreneur.                                                                     
  • Rendering escort services to set up an Enterprise.(Effectively thru single window committee).                                                      
  • Conducting of motivation camps and dissemination   meetings.                                  
  • Implementation of Central / State Government Schemes for Setting up of Enterprises.         
  • Implementation of subsidy schemes.                                                                             
  • Testing facilities.
  • Project Profiles.  
  • Technical Feasibility report to Banks  
  • Issue of Production / Capacity Certificates.
  • Export Guidance Cell.  
  • Micro Small Enterprises Facilitation Council                                                                
  • Organizing & Registration of Industrial Co-Operative Societies.  

As Regulating Agency                                                                                                  Implement Quality Control Order     


  • Micro, Small & Medium Industries Policy – 2008.
  • Guidelines for MSMI Policy, 2008.
  • Single Window Clearance System.
  • Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana
  • Back Ended Interest Subsidy to Small Scale Industries 
  • Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme
  • Micro Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme

Address details of the Directorate and District Industries Centres

2.TANSI -Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation Limited

The Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation Limited, popularly known as TANSI was formed on 1.12.1965 (registered under Companies Act, 1956) to take over the small scale  units that were set up and run by the Department of Industries and Commerce.

These units were started during the first three Plan periods for various non-commercial purposes such as dispersal of Industrial growth, to provide infrastructure for the development of Industries and to serve as Training cum- Demonstration Centers. These production units were taken over by TANSI to be run on commercial lines as their plan objectives were fulfilled. TANSI had thus taken over totally 64 such units. TANSI had also started certain new units such as units for assembling watches, machine tools manufacturing and a unit for the manufacture of spirit based products.

The product lines of TANSI can be grouped as below:-

Group Product Lines

  1. Structural 
  2. Engineering.
  3. Furniture 
  4. Special products

Sales Centres

Sales Centres at Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, Madurai are the market outlets of the Company marketing Furniture items to the general public; and co-coordinating the supplies of Pumps and Pump Spares between the District Rural Development Agencies and Production Units.

Wooden Furniture Units

  1. Furniture Works, Guindy
  2. Furniture Works, Pudukkottai
  3. Furniture Works, Madurai
  4. Furniture Works, Krishnagiri
  5. Furniture & Engg.Works, Pettai.
  6. Furniture Works, Cuddalore


Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation is a Premier Financial Institution incorporated in 1949 as a Banking Company (exempted from Banking Regulations Act) under the Companies Act, to foster Industrial Development of Tamil Nadu. It provides Financial Assistance to Tiny /Micro/ Small / Medium Scale Industrial units, Professionals and Transport Vehicle Operators


TIIC as a State level financial Institution, offers long and medium term financial assistance to various industries including service sector in the following forms:

  • Term loans
  • Term loans and working capital term loans under the Single Window Scheme
  • Special types of assistance like bill financing scheme, etc.

Types of Assistance:

TIIC offers long and medium term financial assistance in the following forms:-

      • Term loans
      • Term loans and working capital assistance under the Single Window Scheme
      • Bill discounting

Schemes operated

  • General term loan
  • Micro small enterprises funding
  • Assistance for ISO 9000 certification
  • Equipment finance scheme
  • Refinance scheme for technology up gradation fund for textile
  • Bill finance scheme
  • Assistance for wind mills
  • Single window scheme covering working capital
  • Open term loan
  • Clean term loan
  • Working capital loan for rice mills
  • Business space rental scheme
  • Drawee bill finance scheme
  • Switch over of bank loans
  • Loans to I.T. parks
  • Commercial complex/ convention centre
  • Scheme for non banking finance
  • Marketing assistance scheme
  • Scheme for qualified professionals

4.SISI - Small Industries Service Institutes

Small Industries Services Institute. (SISI) Madras, provides a comprehensive range of services to the small sale industrial sector in Tamil Nadu in terms of technical assistance, Economic information services, provision of workshop facilities, training and other general consultancy services. The activities of SISI Madras cover the whole of Tamilnadu and the Union Territory of Pondicherry. It has two branch SISIs at Coimbatore and Tuticorin and one Extension Centre at Pondicherry. In addition to the above, there is a Central Footwear Training Centre at Madras and one electric Motor Testing Laboratory at Coimbatore functioning under the jurisdiction of SISI Madras.

Workshop Facilities/Testing/Jobs Conducted/Revenue Earned

SISI and its branches, including Extension Centre and Foot wear Training Centre are having Common facility workshops attached to them for providing common facility and training to SISI units and their workers respectively. Workshops undertook 792 jobs. Total revenue receipts in respect of SISI Madras and its subordinate offices for the year 1998-99 is Rs. 10,77,259/- as against Rs. 10.21 lakhs in 1991-92.

Consultancy Services

The table below highlights the assistance provided to different categories of entrepreneurs by the Institute

Assistance to existing units 
Technical                                                                                         500 nos

Managerial                                                                                       264 nos

Marketing                                                                                          584 nos

Assistance to prospective entrepreneurs                               2268 nos


(i) Entrepreneurship Development Programmes 

SISI Madras and its subordinate offices conducted 33 Entrepreneurship Development programmes at various places in Tamilnadu and UT of Pondicherry in 1998-99, 1006 persons were trained in these courses. 

(ii) MDP Courses 
10 MDP Training Courses were conducted covering various topics like Marketing, Marketing Management and Market Research, Salesmanship, Hotel Management & Catering, Quality control, Marketing service and Demand Analysis, Financial Management, etc. 194 candidates were trained. 

(iii) Others 7 motivation campaigns were conducted at different places of Tamil Nadu in 1998-99 in which 725 persons participated.

Ancillary Development/Marketing & Exports

In the area of ancillary development in Tamil Nadu, the Institute conducted Vendor Development Programme during the year 1996-97, 125 units were NSIC under the Govt. Stores Purchases Programme in 1996-97.Officers of the SISI participated 7 Plant Level Committee meeting in 1996-97.124 units were registered under SCX during this year and 124 units were assisted by SCXs. 

Economic Investigation

State profiles for the Union Territory of Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu were prepared Techno Economic surveys of four districts in Tamilnadu were carried out to highlight the potential for new SSI units during the year 1995-96. A detailed Market Survey Report was also prepared. 4 District Industrial Potential Surveys were conducted for the district Kanyakumari, Thanjavur, Nilgiris, Yanam region of UNION TERRITORY. Apart from this 26 project profile were prepared and 26 were updated during the year 1995-96.

Assistance to DICs
SISI assists the District Industries Centres in Tamil Nadu in the following activities: 

  • Selection of candidates under SEEUY scheme by serving as a member in the Task Force Committee meetings convened at various districts.
  • Participating in the Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Industrial Motivation campaigns conducted in the districts by the DICs.
  • Dissemination of economic and technical information in the various DIC meetings for the benefit of potential entrepreneurs.
  • Assistance to DIC officials in capacity assessments and SSI units participation in Central Govt. Stores Purchase Programme.
  • Conducting Buyer-Seller meets in collaboration with DICs for the development of ancillaries.
  • Supply of project profiles and other techno-economic information to the DICs in addition to other ad hoc information from time to time.
  • Conducting census-cum-sample survey alongwith DIC in respect of registered units in each district. 

Assistance to SC/ST/Women/Weaker Sections

In all the EDPs, skill development programmes, and training programme for SEEUY beneficiaries, etc. conducted by SISI, preference is given to SC/ST/Women and other weaker sections for participating in the programme. The Institute has been conducting EDPs of one week, one month an two months duration, exclusively for women entrepreneurs for setting up small scale units in areas like simple chemicals, food processing and Readymade garments. As a follow-up measure, the applications of successful entrepreneurs belonging g to the above categories are being pursued with the banks/financial institutions for getting financial assistance.

Quality Control : SISI, Madras has conducted an one day Awareness Programme on Waste Minimisation at Erode in association with DIC Erode and DRDA. A five day ISO 9000 Awareness-cum-Educational Programme was conducted. 18 participants have attended the Programme.

5.SIPCOT- State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited

State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (SIPCOT) is a State owned Financial and Development Institution incorporated under the company's Act 1956 in the year 1971-72. SIPCOT is instrumental in making Tamil Nadu one of the most industrially developed States of the country for the past 28 years and extended valuable services 

  • Setting up of Industrial Complexes to function as growth centre and Industrial parks.
  • Providing financial assistance to medium and large scale sectors.  
  • Channelising incentives for Industries from State Government
  • Monitoring of Letter of Intent and providing Escort services to medium and large scale industries.

Apart from providing complete infrastructure in SIPCOT Industrial Complexes/ Parks /Growth Centres, SIPCOT also extends financial assistance to medium and large scale industries which are coming up in the SIPCOT developed Industrial complexes / Parks /Growth Centres. SIPCOT is also providing Entrepreneurship Development Training Programmes for weaker section with objective to create self employment.


Tamilnadu Small Industries Development Corporation Limited (SIDCO) has been set up by the Govt. of Tamilnadu, with the specific objective of playing a catalytic role in the promotion and development of Small Scale Industries and to hasten the Industrial dispersal in backward and underdeveloped areas of the State.

The prime function of SIDCO is the formation of potential growth centers in various parts of Tamil Nadu. SIDCO commenced activities in 1971 with a comprehensive promotional Programme designed to stimulate entrepreneurship. Ever since, SIDCO has been synonymous with the growth of Small Scale Industries in Tamilnadu.

Owing to the Govt. of Tamilnadu's well-known generosity and progressive outlook, SIDCO has implemented a number of fiscal and other incentives on Government's behalf for the Small Scale Industries, particularly to stimulate self-employment among Technocrats. The main objective of SIDCO is to stimulate development of industries in the small scale sector with the following promotional activities.

Creation of Infrastructural Facilities & Provision of Worksheds 
One of the major activities of SIDCO is creation of infrastructural facilities like roads, drainages, storm water drains, electrical lights, water supplies etc. in the Industrial Estates. Tamilnadu Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd., identifies and develops Industrial Estates at various locations and provides factory sheds of various sizes along with developed plots with all basic infrastructure facilities and allots them on easy installment basis/outright sale basis, specially to entrepreneurs who are willing to start Small Scale Industries. Before taking up construction of worksheds, the Corporation assesses the demand for industrial sheds and developed plots from prospective entrepreneurs through advertisement and also on conducting a demand survey. There is a network of 76 Industrial Estates in the State which are maintained by SIDCO. 32 of them were originally set up by Government and passed on to SIDCO. SIDCO itself has established 44 more Estates in various places covering rural and most backward areas. 
The Corporation is implementing this scheme from the IV Five-Year Plan onwards. 

Distribution of key / scarce raw materials 
The Corporation's endeavor is to ensure that the small-scale units get their raw materials at competitive rate from its depots. It is also the policy of the Corporation to increase the coverage of basic raw materials in addition to opening more number of depots. SIDCO handles various scarce raw materials, depending on the requirements.

Marketing Assistance Scheme 
Realising that efficient marketing support is essential for successful running of small scale units, assistance by way of marketing the products of small scale units is being rendered by the Corporation. The Corporation has taken up this scheme to assist SSI units to market their products at competitive rates without any working capital constraints. Under this scheme, the Corporation participates in the tenders floated by the State Government Departments. Sister concerns and DGS & D on behalf of the SSI units and obtains orders with advance payment. SIDCO envisages to execute orders worth of Rs. 500.00 lakhs for the year 1998-99. In order to enable the SSI units to tap market for their products, a number of Buyer-Seller meets are arranged by the Corporation at frequent intervals.

Export Marketing Assistance
In line with today's changing scenario, SIDCO is also taking up certain innovative and non-conventional initiatives for the promotion of Small Industries in the state. A new scheme has been inaugurated on 2-11-1998 for assisting the small and medium units to find export marketing. SIDCO, in collaboration with TANSTIA - FNF Service Centre, shall assist the units enrolled with SIDCO by developing web-sites for them and displaying their products on the web-sites and then marketing them effectively. This will render the much-needed institutional support for the prospective small scale exporters and SIDCO will act as a COMMON EXPORT MANAGER rendering a variety of services to market SSI products to the world.

SIDCO has also been participating in the India International Trade Fair being conducted at New Delhi every year for generating Export enquiries for the benefit of SSI units. It is proposed to take up the export activity in a wider scale since the SSI units can no longer depend on internal marketing alone and have to export their products for their growth.

7.ITCOT - Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation of Tamilnadu Limited

Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organization of Tamilnadu Limited (ITCOT), was incorporated as a company under the Companies Act, 1956, on 17th July 1979 as a joint venture of leading financial institutions, State Development Corporations, and Commercial Banks. The Registered Office of the company is located at 50-A, Greams Rd, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600 006. The name of the company was changed to ITCOT Consultancy and Services Ltd. with effect from 4th October 2004 to offer services as an adjunct to consultancy. The company still continues to be known by its popular name of ITCOT

Training Programmes
            The ITCOT has conducted over 500 training programs, seminars, and workshops in major cities and towns in India addressed to Corporates, business persons, executives, financial institutions, Banks, and development agencies.

  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Faculty Development Programmes
  • Seminars

We also design and conduct objective-oriented corporate in-house training programs tailor-made to suit specific corporate needs.

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs)
            The organisation has played a catalyst’s role in the development of entrepreneurs in a number of ways. It has conducted more than 500 training programmes in Tamilnadu such as:

  • Entrepreneurship development programmes for science & technology graduates, women, ex-servicemen, PMRY beneficiaries, and voluntary retired persons.
  • Entrepreneurship development programmes on renewable energy technologies
  • Entrepreneurship development programmes for women self help groups (SHGs)
  • Income generation training programme for urban slum dwellers and fishermen
  • Skill-cum-technology up-gradation programmes in readymade garments/apparels, leather, plastics, handicrafts, and gem cutting
  • Training programmes in medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Manpower development in emerging areas

The programmes have so far covered over 10,000 persons from different socio-economic strata in Tamilnadu. According to an assessment of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India at Ahmedabad, around 35 percent of the trainees have set up own enterprises.

Faculty Development Programmes
            Entrepreneurship education is a lifelong learning process, starting as early as elementary school and progressing through all levels of education, including adult education. The standards and their supporting performance indicators are a framework for teachers to use in building appropriate objectives, learning activities, and assessments for their target audience, namely, students of science and engineering colleges, polytechnics, and entrepreneurship.

            Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) are designed to train and develop professionals in entrepreneurship development so that they can act as resource persons in guiding and motivating young S&T persons to take up entrepreneurship as their career. Faculty development programmes provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to help develop entrepreneurs in their respective institutions. ITCOT conducts faculty development programmes with the support of sponsoring agencies. We also help institutions in organizing specific in-house programmes for institutions and its faculty members to foster entrepreneurial culture.

            ITCOT conducts seminars on topics of contemporary industry and business topics regularly to promote investment ideas among Banks, financial institutions, research institutions, corporate, entrepreneurs, equipment suppliers, and consultants. A number of seminars have been conducted in different centres in India on wide ranging topics such as:

  • Project Financing and Appraisal
  • Non Performing Assets (NPAs)
  • Opportunities in Insurance Industry
  • Opportunities in Herbal Industry
  • Opportunities in ITES
  • Opportunities in Call Centre Business
  • Opportunities in Multiplex Business

Business Meets
Business meets provide opportunities for one-to-one interaction among participants to facilitate seller-buyer interaction, explore investment and business opportunities, to enable technology transfer or tie-up, to select the right plant and equipment, to evolve market entry strategies, and so on. These events are organized for the benefit of producers, sellers, buyers, exporters, importers, technology providers, equipment suppliers, consultants, institutions, and such other.

The promoters of ITCOT are:
All India Financial Institutions

·  ICICI Bank Ltd. 
·  Industrial Development Bank of India Ltd. 
·  IFCI Ltd. 

State Development Corporations

·  State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamilnadu Ltd. SIPCOT) 
·  Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd. (TIIC) 
·  Tamilnadu Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd. (SIDCO)

Commercial Banks

  • State Bank of India 
  • Indian Bank 
  • Indian Overseas Bank 
  • Canara Bank 
  • Central Bank of India 
  • Union Bank of India 
  • Syndicate Bank 
  • Bank of Baroda 
  • The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. 
  • The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.