By Vikaspedia on 18 Nov 2017
  • Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Livelihood India is a country rich in diversity of natural resources. The richness of natural resources is the source of livelihood of a large part of the country's population. Continuous management of resources is essential to ensure co-existence of population and resources. Different departments of agriculture give comprehensive information on this important aspect.
  • Beneficial employment from agriculture and related activities provides agricultural and related activities to provide significant employment opportunities. There is a need to provide significant support, such as better phases, better connectivity, strong policy support and risk management in the production of farmers like entrepreneurs. The portal gives information about important points related to agriculture in this direction.
  • By adopting knowledge sharing and best practices, adoption by farmers and motivating other farmers and confidence in them through successful indigenous technology, innovation and best practices. Today's demand is - sharing of effective knowledge among small and marginal farmers.