Agricultural Processing Equipments - Milling And Extraction Equipments

1.Mini Dhal Mill

                                                        Mini Dhal Mill

1. Function To split the grain legumes into dhal
2. Specification
(i) Overall dimension
(L x B x H, mm)
 385 x 365 x 865
(ii) Capacity 20 kg/h
(ii) Power required   1 hp electric motor
3. General Information The dhal mill split all kinds of legumes into dhal.  For making dhal all pulses have to undergo pre-milling treatments such as soaking in water, mixing with oil, drying, etc.  It consists of a hopper to hold the pulse, an auger to feed the pulse to the dehusking chamber.  In the dehusking chamber pulses are sent in between a rotating cast iron disc and a stationary rubber pad and get dehusked.  Depending upon the size of the pulse, the clearance between the rotating disc and the rubber disc can be adjusted with the help of a hand wheel provided outside the dehusking chamber.  By replacing the rubber disc with cast iron serrated disc, this can be used for pulverizing the dry grains into flour
4. Cost of the unit (Approximate) Rs.15,000/-
5. Cost of operation Rs.5/hr
6. Sailent Features 
  • It is a suitable for splitting all types of pulses.
  • Pre treatment of pulses before milling is essential.
  • The efficiency of the unit is 90%.
  • The pulse grower can process at farm level and get more revenue

2.Dhal Mill cum Wet Grinder

1. Function                              : Wet grinding, splitting of pulses into dhal and dry grinding.

2. Specification                      :
   (a) Overall dimension       : 760 x 425 x 880
          (L x B x H, mm)
   (b) Capacity                         : 2 kg of dry grinding /h; 2 -3 kg of wet material/ h

    (c) Power required            : 1 hp electric motor

3. General Information       

The unit comprises of two components.  One dhal milling unit and the other wet grinder unit.  Both the equipments are mounted over a laminated wooden box and each can be operated separately by a dog clutch mechanism.
4. Cost of the unit (approx)  : Rs.18, 000/-

5. Cost of operation              : Rs.5/h

6. Salient features

  •  Suitable for splitting of pulses and grinding all kinds of cereals and pulses.
  • Also suitable for wet grinding of cereals and pulses.
  • With a single prime mover any one can be operated using a clutch

3.Chilli Seed Extractor

1. Function                                          : To extract seeds from dried chilli.

2. Specification                                
   (a) Overall dimension                    : 925 x 630 x 1040
          (L x B x H, mm)
   (b) Capacity                                     : 4 quintals/ day

   (c) Power required                         : 0.5 hp electric motor

3. General Information                 

It consists of a hopper, extraction chamber; rotating beater assembly on bearings with suitable drive connects.  The dried chilly fruits are macerated into small pieces without cell rupture and thereby the seeds are separated from the unit.

4. Cost of the unit (approx)                : Rs.22, 500/-

5. Cost of operation                            : Rs.6/h

6. Salient features

  • Continuous type.
  • Minimal scorching and pungent smell to labourers.
  • Separated chilli can be ground and suitable for food purpose.

4.Tomato Seed Extractor

                                            Tomato Seed Extractor

1. Function To extract seed from tomato fruits
2. Specification
(i) Overall dimension
(L x B x H, mm)
 500 x 450 x 1000
(ii) Capacity 1 hp for electric motor and 0.5 hp for pump
(ii) Power required   1 hp electric motor
3. General Information The unit consists of a feed hopper, fruit crushing chamber, seed separation unit, water recycling system and seed collecting trough.    In the crushing chamber the tomato fruits are crushed and squeezed by the rotating screw auger. In the seed separation unit, water separates the seed from the flesh and collected in a container placed at the bottom of seed separation unit. The water collected in the trough is recycled by means of a pump.  The flesh coming out of the seed separation unit is collected separately
4. Cost of the unit (Approximate) Rs. 22,500
5. Cost of operation Rs.  10  per hour
6. Sailent Features 
  • Seed extraction is faster compared to the manual method
  • Less water requirement (3 litre per minute)

5.Brinjal Seed Extractor

1. Function                                          : To extract seed from well ripe brinjal

2. Specification                            
   (a) Overall dimension                   :  500 x 450 x 1000
         (L x B x H )
   (b) Capacity                                     :   120 kg of fruits per hour 
    (C) Power required                       :   1 hp electric motor

3. General Information           
The brinjal seed extractor consists of a fruit crushing chamber and a seed separation unit.  In the fruit crushing chamber, radially arranged crushing rods crush the fruit into pulp with the addition of water. The pulp is conveyed to the bottom of the seed separation unit.  The seed separation unit houses a  sieve placed horizontally, seed outlet, agitator, pulp outlet and drain.  In the agitator, radial arms are fixed to separate good seeds from the pulp and helps to move the pulp to move to top of the seed separation unit.  The good seeds settle on the sieve and collected along with water by opening the valve. 
4. Cost of the unit (Approximate)    : Rs. Rs.22 500/-.

5. Cost of operation                          : Rs.   10 /h

6. Salient features

  • The extraction of seed of faster than the manual method.
  • Water requirement is reduced (3 litre per minute)

6.Improved Four Roller Sugarcane Crusher

1. Function                                          : To extract the juice by crushing sugarcane.

2. Specification                                  
   (a) Overall dimension                    : 1210 x 510 x 1100
         (L x B x H, mm)
   (b) Capacity                                     : 250 kg/h

   (c) Power required                           : 7.5 hp electric motor

3. General Information                       :

            There are four rollers provided in this crusher compared to the three rollers in the conventional crushers.   Through the shafts and gear wheels,  power is transmitted to the  rollers  and extract the juice by crushing the cane.  

4. Cost of the unit (approx)                : Rs.75,000/-

5. Cost of operation                            : Rs.15/h

6. Salient features

  • Four roller horizontal crusher.
  • 60 – 70% of the available juice can be extracted.
  • 8-10% additional juice is recovered than the conventional crushers.

7.Hand Operated Anola Seed Remover




To remove seeds from anola






i. Type


Hand operated


ii. Power requirement


One male/female


iii. Overall dimensions




iv. Weight 




v. Capacity


20 kg/hr (or) 530 fruits / hr


General Information




Cost of the unit (Approx)




Cost of operation




Salient features


  • The seed remover is simple and easy to handle
  • Deseeded fruits with punch hole increases the osmosis of syrup
  • Mechanical pulping of fresh aonla is feasible without seeds
  • Saving in cost: 90%