Agricultural Processing Equipment's - Drying Equipment's

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 05 Feb 2019 | read

1.Agricultural Waste Fired Mechanical DryerImage title

1. Function                                          : To burn agricultural wastes and to produce hot air.

2. Specification                                   :
   (a) Overall dimension                    : 3100 x 890 x 200
          (L x B x H, mm)
   (b) Capacity                                     : 1 tone/day

   (c) Power required                         : 2 hp electric motor

3. General Information                  

This unit consists of an agricultural waste fuelled furnace, blower and rectangular metal bin for keeping the grains, etc.  The fire tube type furnace can generate heat by burning any agricultural waste.  The unit can produce hot air upto 80ºC by suitably mixing the hot air with ambient air through an adjustable butterfly valve.  Through a flexible duct, the hot air is supplied to the drying bin.

4. Cost of the unit (Approximate)    : Rs.1, 50,000/-

5. Cost of operation                          : Rs.20/h

6. Salient features

  • All types of agricultural wastes and crop residues can be used as fuel.
  • Suitable for drying pods, grains, coconut kernel, etc.
  • Air temperature and flow rate can be adjusted and controlled.

2.Fluidised Bed Dryer for MushroomImage title

1. Function : To dry the oyster and milky mushroom

2.Specification :

(a) Overall dimension : 2500 x 450 x 1500
(L x B x H )
(b) Capacity : 6 kg/batch
(c) Power required : 3 hp electric motor; 2000 W for heaters

3. General Information                   

The fluidized bed dryer consists of a centrifugal blower, holding bin, heating coils, motor and thermostat control.  The blower is run by a 3 hp, three phase motor.  The delivery of the blower is connected to the heater drum, provided four numbers of fin type electrical heaters of each 500 watts and controlled through a stem type thermostat.  At the other end of the heater drum, the drying chamber is placed.  Hot air of 50 to 90ºC temperature at a flow rate of 9 to 32 m3 / minute can be obtained in this dryer.  The whole assembly is placed on a suitable frame made of mild steel.

4. Cost of the unit                               : Rs.45,500/-

5. Cost of operation                            : Rs.50/kg of dry mushroom

6. Salient features

  • Suitable for drying oyster and milky mushroom.
  • Dries oyster mushroom in 2 hours and milky mushroom in 6 hours.
  • The dried mushroom useful for the production of mushroom based ready to use mix and products.

3.Continuous Flow Heated Sand Medium Drier

Function                                 : Drying-cum-roasting of food grains 

  • Type                              : Power operated continuous and portable 
  • Overall dimensions   : 3,320mm x 1,230mm x 1,710mm

Test Results

  • Suitability for crops                : Drying of paddy and roasting of Bengal gram,                                                 soybean, redgram and other pulses 
  • Capacity                                  : 6-8 q/d of 8 h depending upon the crop 
  • Power requirement                  : 3 hp electric motor
  • Labour requirement                 : One 
  • Cost of equipment (approx)    : Rs 8,500

Salient Features: 
This is a mixing type drier-cum-roaster. The wet material is mixed with the preheated sand and thereby the moisture is removed or the material is roasted. Sand temperature could be controlled only by addition or removal of firewood or any agricultural waste. The mixture of hot sand with the crop can be easily separated and recirculated for continuous heating of the crop. The average fuel consumption is around 10-12 kg of firewood per hour. Sand gets heated up before being recycled again through return auger.