Agricultural Processing Equipments - Cleaning And Grading Equipment's

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1.Grain Winnower Image title 

1. Function                                          : To winnow and clean all grains after threshing

2. Specification                                   :
   (a) Overall dimension                       : 2130 x 600 x 1320
         (L x B x H, mm)
   (b) Capacity                                     : 500 - 750  kg/h

   (c)  Power required                          : 1 hp electric motor

3. General Information                  

This machine winnows and cleans the paddy and other grains after threshing. It consists of  a feed hopper to hold the grain for cleaning. It discharges the grain  over a scalper and removes bigger size impurities.  A  blower provided at the bottom passes  air against the grain falling through the scalper which separates the straw, chaff and other impurities.  The dust, chaff and straw are collected separately and cleaned paddy is taken out through another outlet near the bottom of the unit.

4. Cost of the unit                               : Rs.30, 000/-

5. Cost of operation (approx)             : Rs.25/h

6. Salient features

  • It is a continuous type.
  • It is suitable for other grains also.
  • The efficiency of the unit is 97%

2.Rotary Sieve Multi Crop Cleaner cum GraderImage title

1. Function                                          : To  clean and grade  grains, spices, etc.

2. Specification                                  
   (a) Overall dimension                    : 2130 x 600 x 1100
         (L x B x H, mm)
   (b) Capacity                                     : 100 - 250  kg/h

   (c)  Power required                        : Hand operated

3. General Information         

This cleaner cum grader consists of a rotor provided with three numbers of sieves and the sieves can be changed according to the crop to be cleaned and graded. A handle is provided to operate the rotor at 15 to 30 rpm speed. For easy conveying of the material, a screw auger is provided inside the rotor. Below each sieve, outlet is provided to collect the graded output. 

4. Cost of the unit (approximate)      : Rs.8,000/-

5. Cost of operation                            : Rs.15/h

6. Salient features

  • It is a continuous type.
  • The sieves can be changed according to the CROP.
  • Suitable for grains, spices and etc.
  • Efficiency of the unit is 96%

3.Hand Operated Rotary type Garbling Unit for Cardamom Image title

Function                                            : For garbling dried cardamom

Type                                                   : manually operated

Capacity                                            : 100 kg/hr

Efficiency of garbling is                  : 98%

Cost of equipment    (approx)       : Rs.4,000/-

Cost of operation                            : Rs.150/quintal

Salient Features

  • Hand operated unit 
  • Capacity is 5 kg of cardamom per batch and time taken is 2- 5 minutes per batch
  • Percentage  broken is less than 5%
  • Reduces drudgery to the labourers
  • Savings in time                 :  50%
  • Savings in cost                 :  66%  

4.Peeler cum Washer for Production of White Pepper Image title

1. Function                           : For the production of white pepper hygienically from ripe pepper berries.

2. Capacity                         

  • Power operated unit   : 125 kg/hr
  • Hand operated unit     : 15 kg/ha 

3. Cost of unit(approxiate) : Rs.22,000  
4. Cost of production      

  • Power operated unit   : Rs.65/quintal
  • Hand operated unit    : Rs.460/quintal 
  • Manual method           : Rs.850/quintal

5. Efficiency of the unit       : 91%

6. Salient features

  • 1 hp power is required for power operated unit.
  • Water fed inside the peeling champer helps easy peeling and removal of skin after peeling 
  • Water requirement is 50% less because it is recirculated during washing
  • The same unit can be operated manually during electricity failure.  

5.Pulper cum Washer for CoffeeImage title

1. Function                                          : To pulp and wash the coffee parchments

2. Specification                                  :
   (a) Overall dimension                    :  600 x 450 x 650
         (L x B x H )
   (b) Capacity                                     :  500 kg/h 
   (c) Power required                         :    3 hp electric motor

3. General Information                     :

Pulping and washing are the two estate level important operations in the processing of coffee parchments. This unit consists of a puling unit and a washing unit. Compared to the traditional pulpers and washers, which are operated separately with two different power units, this unit is operated by a single power source. Besides he water requirement for pulping and washing is reduced considerably.

4. Cost of the unit                             : Rs. 75,000

5. Cost of operation                          : Rs. 25/h

6. Salient features

  • Suitable for both pulping and washing
  • Requires less water (4 litres per kg of parchments) compared to 14 litres by the conventional pulpers
  • Breakage is minimum

6.Seed Cleaner-cum-Grader

Function Specifications:

Cleaning and grading of all seeds

Type    :

Power operated, continuous crippen model

Overall dimensions ;

1,800 mm x 1, 200 mm x 1, 800 mm

Test Results:

Paddy, Maize, Cholam (Jowar), Sunflower and Cumbu (Bajra)

Suitability for crops :

Paddy (20 q/h,) Jowar (34 q/h), Bajra (20 1/h) Maize (32 q/h)

Capacity :

Power requirement:

1 hap electric motor

Labour requirement :


Cleaning efficiency:


Cost of equipment:


Salient Features :
This machine is suitable for processing and upgrading of all kinds of seeds by using the sieves of required size. Screen suitable for almost all crops like; jowar, bajra, paddy and sunflower are available.  The machine cab be operated with electric motor or oil engine.

7.Groundnut Grader

Function                                 : Grading of groundnut pods


Type                                        :  Power operated, slotted oscillating sieve 
Overall dimensions             :  2,250mm x 1,050mm x 1.350mm

Test Results
Suitability for crops               :  Groundnut 
Capacity                                  :  6q/h 
Power requirement               :  1 hp electric motor 
Labour requirement              :  Two 
Cost of equipment                :   Rs 5,000 

Salient Features:

            Groundnut grader mainly consists of a feed hopper, two slotted oscillating sieves, an eccentric mechanism and a frame. The two oscillating sieves have slot sizes of 10.75 mm x 50.00 mm and 9.50 mm x 50.50 mm. respectively. Sieves are oscillated by the eccentric mechanism. The machine grades groundnut pods/kernels into three distinct grades according to size. Oscillating sieves could be replaced by different grades depending upon the groundnut varieties to be graded.