Agribot Makes Farming Simpler Than Ever

By on 23 Apr 2019 | read

A Modern Way of Staying a Step Ahead in Agriculture

Agribot is available 24/7 to bring enormous agriculture knowledge at the farmers’ fingertips .

AgriBot’s Features

Get commodity prices

Farmers can ask AgriBot the latest commodity prices and stay up-to-date about the market rates.

Get answers for farming related questions

Agribot will search millions of articles, documents and news to give accurate answers to farmer’s queries in their language.

Access agriculture knowledge-base

Farmers can increase their knowledge and build better expertise by gaining access to a large database of articles, news, and best practices related to agriculture.

Agribot Can

Reach remote farmers

Agribot can reach millions of farmers of India with the help of social media and machine learning.

Use power of the internet

As many as 11 crore people in rural India access the internet on their mobile. Agribot seeks to use this opportunity.

Provide information in farmer’s language

There will be dedicated chatbots for farmers of a particular region and particular crop to give meaningful replies in farmer’s language.

How AgriBot Can Transform the Agriculture Landscape

Agribot is an agriculture extension that delivers the best practices derived from research at the fingertips of farmers. Agribot empowers the Indian farmer located far and remote with knowledge and latest techniques they can implement in farming.

There is a large variety of farmers in India who do farming on small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale, communicating information to whom is a hefty task. Farmers located in remote villages are specifically less educated about the latest advancements in seeds, manure, fertilizers, pesticides, soil improvement, etc.

How Farmers Can Use It

Dedicated chatbot

Farmers growing a particular crop from a particular area will get a dedicated chatbot who will give region-specific answers to their queries. Their answers will be based on various parameters like weather, soil, and peculiarities of that region.

Access the chatbot on Facebook

The farmer will simply ask their question in their language through Facebook messaging and get the answer in their language.

AgriBot Vision

Smartphones and the internet are at their cheapest and affordable even by poor farmers. AgriBot aspires to be useful to farmers by providing them useful information easily within a few taps.

Presently, AgriBot is limited to Facebook but hopes to expand to WhatsApp once it opens its libraries. When implemented on WhatsApp, farmers of the same regions can form groups for discussion and sharing important information.

AgriBot is different from standard computerized help given to farmers where they press 1, 2 or other options until they find the solution they were looking for. This project, on the other hand, seeks to make getting help simpler and as human as possible.