फूलों की तोड़ाई उपरांत देखभाल

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There is immense potential for floral production in Jharkhand. Early flowering cultivation was done amateurly to decorate the house and garden. The demand for flowers has increased tremendously due to the varied use of flowers, bouquets, garland making, decoration of wedding wedding, table decoration and drawing in plaques in drawing form. There is also the possibility of sending flowers out of Jharkhand. So floral production is taking the form of a business. There is a need to pay special attention to the flower consumer, reaching a fresh look and quality. After this, there will be a variety of reasons for the damage of the flowers after the rupture.

Harvesting of plants

The plant has a lifecycle in which the plants grow, flower starts, after flowering completely and after pollination the flowers begin to fade. So if the full bloom breaks the flower, then the flowers will be wiped after one or two. We can not send them out. Full blossom flower of marigold, rose, jerbera or gladiellas is broken only when they are used for some time. Make garland, decorate by lavour, To make a bouquet or park exhibition, full blown flowers can be broken but this is not useful for sale. They are broken in the state of the bud. When the color of the petals starts appearing in the tights, the rose is cut. When one or two florets begin to blossom on the Gladioculus spike, it starts boiling until the day begins to blossom. This will gradually bloom other buds and the flowers will remain fresh for more days. Cut the jerbera spike only when the outermost 2-3 row of disc florets make the perpendicular to the stalk. When the 1-2 pair of the base of the vagina is opened, the spike should be sharpened by cutting from the base. Anthurium should be bitten by stalk in the morning after exposure to the spleen. And the flowers of kikaid are fertilized after 3-4 days of blossom, so harvesting should be harvested after 3-4 days, otherwise they will be cut off. Harshsthan should be done in the evening itself. Even on their flower plant They should remain harvested for a long time, so they should be harvested only if they are needed. Gurdawadi's standard and spray-bearing harbests are done after 40-50% of Bloom is open.

Due to the drop in quality of flowers

The main reason for the decline in flower quality is the lack of internal moisture. After the rupture, the moisture begins to remove from the flower cut by the transpiration action, whereas the moisture received from flowers from the ground can not be found after cutting. As a result, the flowers begin to fade. The process of transpiration becomes faster if the atmosphere is hot. Therefore, flowers should be torn only in the morning or evening. The base of the flower stalk should be kept in the water at harvest time to meet the shortage of water. It is also necessary to consolidate the atmosphere so that temperatures are low. Flowers should be sprayed with water. If sending away, then the refrigerators should be sent by van.

The second main reason for the fall in flower is the decrease in the internal food metallic carbohydrate by respiratory action. The flowers are lively, the action of LC Swans continues. In this verb, there is a dissolution of stained food material in flowers. If flower material is reduced in flowering at the time of Harvesting i.e., the carbohydrate will decrease. Therefore, harshing should be done at the time when the store smells maximum. In order to grow flowers, the quantity of sugar in the flower can be increased by proper nutrient and deciding action. Adding 4% Sugar to water for Ves-Life increases the life-time as it keeps on getting sugar with water. If the physiological weight decreases by more than 10%, flowers are no longer worth the sale.

Respiration of flowers

The activity of respiration is high on high temperatures. At low temperatures the respiration decreases, as well as the growth of partner fungi and bacteria also stops. Therefore, keeping flowering flowers in the coldstorage at 4.4-7.2 degrees Celsius does not spoil the flowers a lot of days. Cut flowers should be kept in room-friendly rooms. Flowers will not spoil the flowers by transporting refrigerators to wine at 4 ° C. In order to reduce the respiration rate, some chemicals are put in the garbage vessels, which also regulate bacteria and puffery. It uses two types of solution. In a solution, potassium aluminum sulphate, phoric oxide, sodium hypochloride made by mixing sugar. In a solution, manganese sulphate, hydrogen sulfate and sugar are made. In developed countries, their tablets are found only in water.

In Ways Life, sometimes plugging in the stem towards the cut end, the solution does not go up. Gum can become a substance, stem chowk due to phenolic compound or curable of enzyme. Enzyme inhibitor or acid acidification of the solution increases the life of flowers by 3.0-4.0. Engeid and D.N.P. And by passing 8-HQQ dishes like cheating agents, water can be kept fresh for more days. As soon as cutting the flowers, cut cut should be kept in clean water. Stalks 1-2 cm below each day should be cut in water and removed. Clogging will not happen. Do not cut through the air, otherwise the air will reduce the ability to absorb water. Wes life can be increased by adding sugar and 8-HQC or sugar + copresalphate to Wes Water.

Careful Flower Packaging

Flowers should also be careful while packaging. Packaging should be such that the respiration and cell division decrease during transport. It will maintain the storage life and quality. Packaging is such that can handle rough handling. Waterproof, moisture is not dry, airtight and small size. If the container is large, then after moving the flowers, after moving around during the transporter, the flowers will be damaged. With more space, transportation will be more. Therefore, keeping the waterproof package, moisture can be retained by sprinkling water on the flowers. Humidity will remain in wrapping in cellophane or polythene and due to gas-proof, the concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the interior will be 5 to 15%. This will reduce the respiratory process.

Hard card board boxes should be packaged to pack Cut Bloom. To keep flowers with stalks, after wrapping in a polythene, the upper part should be tied to the rubber band. Due to the cut ends of the stem, the moisture will remain moist.


Source: Agriculture Department , Jharkhand Government