After a cool April, temperatures to hit 37°C next week

By Times Of India on 01 May 2018 | read
CHENNAI: The first four months this year have turnedouttobecooler than usual, shows India Meteorological Department (IMD) data. After recording the coldest winter (January– February) in five years, the city experienced below-normal temperatures in March. This April,thecity daytime(maximum) temperature crossed the 36°C mark only on three days, ascomparedto ninedays last year.


True to IMD’s summer forecast, the temperature has remained normal or below normal so far. The IMD predicted that the daytime temperature from April to June will be 0.14 degrees below normal acrossTamilNadu. The city recorded an average maximum temperature of 34.8°C, which is 0.20 degrees below the monthly average.

The highest maximum temperature recorded this April was 36.6°C, compared to 39.7°C last year. The all-time highest maximum temperature during April is 42.8°C, which was recorded back in 1908. In 2016, the city recorded a high of 40.8°C during the month.

As the city approaches the hottest season of the year (May-June), weathermen predict the temperature to rise above 37°C within a week.

On Tuesday,thesky islikely to remain partly cloudy, with an expected maximum and minimum temperature of 37°C and 28°C.