Advisory To Farmers For The Protection Against Frost Occurrence

By Punjab Agricultural University on 11 Jan 2017 | read


As per the prediction provided by School of Climate Change & Agril. Meteorology, PAU, Ludhiana there are chances of frost occurrence in the state upto 13 th January, 2017. In view of forecast, the farmers are advised:

 To provide light irrigation to sensitive crops like potato, sugarcane, peas, sarson, berseem and napier bajra.

 The orchards of mango, litchi, papaya and banana should be protected by providing light irrigation and smoking during night. It is advised to provide shelter to the young fruit plants by making kullies with paddy straw, sarkanda and plastic sheets by keeping the south-west direction open for sunlight.

 The vegetable crops like chilli, capsicum and cucumber should be protected by providing

light irrigation, in addition to this, the farmers who have transplanted the capsicum, cucumber and chilli in field should cover the crop under low plastic tunnels.

 Apart from field crops, low temperature also adversely affects the dairy animals and poultry. The animal sheds should be kept closed from all sides and the floor should be kept dry. Protein rich feed should be given to the animals during noon hours. Maintain the temperature in the poultry shed by using brooders especially for young chicks.