Advance summer bringsno cheer to potter families

By TheHindu on 02 Apr 2017 | read

Expecting patronage from the people, a potter’s family from a rural habitation near Nellore put its earthen pots for sale on the roadside in the busy Ranganayakulapeta locality here to make the most of the coming summer season.

The family hoped that the people would start buying pots early as the temperature is on the rise on account of advance summer. These pots are meant for natural cooling of drinking water, mostly for domestic purpose.

However, the family members are not able to sell more than five pots a day, and are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

“We have come here from nearby Pothireddypalem village. Now our only hope is good patronage from the people during peak summer,” said Subbamma, who has come along with other family members to assist them in selling pots.

Every summer, roadside shops selling pots come up at many places in the city, as many people prefer cool drinking water from these pots to the water cooled in a fridge. The pot water is considered naturally cool and healthy. Pots with a capacity of 10 litres and 20 litres are on sale with prices ranging from ₹. 70 to ₹ 200.

The potters’ families make these pots with clay procured from remote rural areas. There are many families that depend on pottery in Pothireddypalem area near Nellore.

Once the demand for drinking water earthen pots begins, these families start seasonal migration to places where they see considerable potential. They put their pots on display on the roadside and sleep beside the arranged pots through the night to secure them.

During peak summer months of April and May, these families make anywhere between ₹20,000 and ₹30,000.

In the non-peak months, they mostly depend on the meagre revenue coming from the sale of other earthen items meant for gardening and earthen lamps.

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