Adopt natural farming

By TheHindu on 20 Aug 2018

Staff Correspondent

Green revolution blamed for all problems

ARSIKERE (HASSAN DISTRICT): Blaming the green revolution for the present plight of farmers in the country, Subhash Palekar, who is propagating zero-budget natural farming, has called upon farmers to opt for natural farming to become self-dependent.

Mr. Palekar was inaugurating a three-day workshop on "Philosophy and technology of zero-budget natural farming" organised by the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) and "Hasiru Sene" here on Monday.

Mr. Palekar said green revolution has resulted in the exploitation of farmers by forcing them to opt for hybrid varieties, use chemical fertilizers and spraying pesticides. The multinational companies are able to exploit farmers because they are still hesitant to opt for alternative methods of farming. It is time farmers opted for natural

farming, because it was now proved that green revolution is detrimental to them. Rejecting chemical fertilizers, hybrid varieties of seeds and pesticides and using cow-dung and "ganjala" (urine of cattle) and spraying of neem oil, will not only help farmers to increase the fertility of soil, but also helps them get good yield. Farmers can fight MNCs only by rejecting their products, he noted. "It is important to exploit the agriculture land through natural course, not through artificial methods," he said.

Mr. Palekar said developed countries, especially the U.S., are exploiting farmers of the Third World.

Akhila Bharatha Kisan Union president Yudhaveer Singh and Arikesh Mallik of Haryana underlined the need to practise zero-budget natural farming.