Aadhaar-linked POS device for sale of fertilizers distributed

By TheHindu on 15 Jul 2017 | read

The Aadhaar linked 'Point of Sale' (POS) devices were given to sellers of fertilizers from cooperative societies and private dealers here on Monday.

Collector N. Venkatesh distributed the devices. The Central government had introduced a direct benefit transfer scheme for sale of fertilizers and this new regulation of selling fertilizers with the aid of point of sale machines would come into effect from August 1.

Based on provision of Aadhaar cards, farmers could purchase fertilizers, Mr. Venkatesh said after distributing some devices. The district has a total of 152 cooperative societies and 142 private dealers selling fertilizers to farmers.

Initially, the district received 253 such POS devices.

Now, farmers were provided with an opportunity to purchase fertilizers in a transparent manner at a price fixed by the government.

Urea, super phosphate, Diammonium phosphate (DAP) and complex fertilizers could be bought at subsidised price.

The farmers could purchase fertilizers either based on soil test recommendations or village fertilizer index or on their own assessment.

On advantages of this facility, the Collector said any diversion of fertilizer to non agriculture purpose would be eliminated completely.

He also encouraged the farmers to go for balanced application of fertilizers. As per the scheme, the subsidy amount would be give to manufacturers of fertilizers after its sale to farmers by retailers, he said.