A vibrating stick to chase them away

By TheHindu on 01 Jun 2018 | read

While the threat of snakebites is real, here is an innovation that promises to keep the venomous reptile away from farms.

Bengaluru-based Prasadam Industries has come up with ‘snake guard’ in the form of a stick, that a farmer can carry with him to the fields. Still in the testing stage, the stick, which is made from iron, is an “ultrasonic, solar-powered snake-repellent” which looks and works just like a walking stick.

“The solution not only protects the life of the farmers, but also ensures safety of the snakes, which are most often killed by the farmers, even though most of them are harmless,” said Vedobroto Roy, founder of Prasadam.

Explaining how the device works, Mr. Roy said a farmer can take the stick to the field and insert it into the ground nearby. The device, powered by solar battery, sends out sonic waves every 10 seconds, which snakes consider a danger. The vibrations can extend up to 15 metres.

“The aim is to minimise the encounter between man and snake through a simple technology. As a pilot, a few sticks have been given to farmers in Karnataka and Maharashtra. The feedback has been positive. We are also testing the device in different soil conditions. We will take the innovation to the Agriculture Department for approval soon,” Mr. Roy added.