A step forward in creating a ‘green’ lifestyle

By TheHindu on 28 May 2017 | read

An awareness video on waste segregation released this week has become an instant hit in social networking sites.

Produced by CitYzen and supported by the GVMC and the AP Federation of Residents’ Welfare Association (APFERWAS), the Telugu video with English subtitles attempts to simplify the process of segregation of household waste into wet and dry garbage bins in easily understandable steps.

The four-and-a-half minute video is hosted by dietician Usha Gajapathi Raju, who hand-holds the viewers in understanding what falls under the wet and dry category of waste.

This comes at a time when the segregation in all the 72 wards in the city is set to commence from June 5, marking the World Environment Day.

The idea is to use two bins (green and blue) instead of a common one and segregate the wet waste in the green bins and use the blue ones for dry waste. The video has already elicited around 500 views on the YouTube and is being shared by many on the Facebook. “ The aim of the video is to reach out to the Telugu-speaking populace and create awareness on waste segregation at source,” said Ms. Raju, who has been conducting workshops for resident welfare associations in colonies such as Kirlampudi Layout.

Setting a trend

She herself has been doing waste segregation and home composting since the past three years and also maintains an impressive terrace garden, a small edible green patch of her own.

“The entire process of shooting and editing the video took almost a month’s time. Apart from Facebook, the WhatsApp version has reached many places,” said S. Ravi Kanth Reddy of CitYzen.

Localities like the Kirlampudi Layout have already set the trend by embarking on the ‘Let’s get Smart Kirlampudi’ project, wherein waste segregation and home composting methods have been adopted by a majority of the 800 households.

On the growing popularity of the video, Uday Shirname, president of APFERWAS and resident of Kirlampudi Layout, said: “Our aim is to replicate the model adopted by the Tirunelveli Municipality in Tamil Nadu, which is the first in the country to achieve 100% segregation across households and establishments. And this is very important if Visakhapatnam really wants to be a smart city.” A similar video on home composting at zero cost will be released on May 30.