A Solution To Rid Veg Of Pesticide Residue

By TheHindu on 23 Jun 2015 | read

Researchers at Kerala Agricultural University ( KAU) have developed a solution to clean vegetables of toxic pesticide residue.

Named Veggie Wash, the solution is a mixture of natural/ plant-based products in a specific proportion. Pesticide residue can be removed by dipping vegetables and fruits in the solution for 15 minutes, followed by rigorous washing in water.

The formula for the household product has been standardized by the Pesticide Residue Analytical and Research Laboratory (PRRAL), attached to the College of Agriculture, Vellayani. The project was taken up as a Plan scheme titled “Production and Marketing of Safe to Eat Vegetables for Sale Through Government Outlets.”

According to Thomas Biju Mathew, principal investigator, Veggie Wash has been proved to be effective for a select list of 24 vegetables, including mint leaves, curry leaves, green chilli, coriander leaves, big chilli, amaranthus (green and red), cowpea, celery, capsicum (green, yellow and red), bhindi, cauliflower, cabbage (green and violet), carrot, radish (white), melon (oriental pickling), gooseberry, onion (small), brinjal (long), drumstick, and ivy gourd. A pressnote quoting Naseemabeevi, head, PRRAL, said manufacturers of household products could buy the formula of Veggie Wash. For details, dial 9895408332 or 0471 -2388167 or e-mail:biju2358@yahoo.co.in.