A really good article on Social Media Meteorology

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 13 Sep 2017 | read

You may not be aware, Chennai has the most number of Social Media Meteorology based FB pages than whole of India put together. That shows our craze towards the weather. Maybe because we see both the extremes of weather in short period (2015-floods, 2016-drought) like that stuff. Thunderstorms, monsoon rains, cyclones etc this makes our people more curious than in other states.

When to hype and when not hype I also agree with him most pages seems to be so concentrated on the likes than why they started the weather page in the 1st place.

Even in US, the models predicted huge dumping of over 1000 mm in Texas by Hurricane Harvey, this was completely missed by the news channels. That was one event which needed hype. But for Hurricane Irma seeing the model run immediately initially they stated that the Carolina states are going to be affected even before models came into agreement. When it comes to cyclones / Hurricane. You have wait for the final confirmation of the track not be in a hurry to put a windy or ventusky outputs in public forum be it news channels or Social Media Meteorology pages done by amateurs or experts.

In Tamil Nadu, sollava vendam, if a low pressure forms in north Bay near odisha, without even knowing the implications in what way it will benefit or affect Tamil Nadu, breaking news happen in both channels and news papers. Some weather bloggers are curious the moment they see a cyclone in 15th day output, they put up a warning even give names to cyclone themselves. The next day, the model will remove the cyclone. Always follow some trusted ones, i am not saying me, there are few others here who do it with responsibility.