A Radio Programme On Kvk Activities




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On 5th Oct 2018, a radio programme on our KVK activities was recorded at All India Radio, Bengaluru.  The information like the mandate and major activities of KVK, the services provided by the KVK to the farmers’ welfare was shared.   Other information like when was the KVK started, what are the activities like OFT, FLD, training and other products that are being produced at our KVK was shared for the farming community.  Other facilities like Farmers Hostel, Soil and water testing facility and value added products like Ragi and Amla based and Mushroom spawn availability was also shared.  The information on ARKA varieties of vegetables and fruits from Indian Institute of Horticultural Research and other varieties of Arecanut and coconut that are being developed and sold at KVK Premises was also communicated to the betterment of farmers.  Apart from seeds and seedlings, information on other products like Bio-fertilizers (Arka Microbial Consortium), Bio control measures like neem and pongamia soap was also discussed.  The model by which the KVK has taken up different activities in integrated farming system like field crops, vegetables, fruit crops, plantation crops, animal husbandry like Hallikar cows and Bannur sheep was also discussed during the recording programme.  The interviewer interacted about other activities like NICRA and other projects that are dealt by KVK.  The programme will be telecast on 23rd October 6.50 PM in AIR Kannada channel.