A project to improve quality of dairying

By TheHindu on 26 Aug 2017 | read

The Animal Husbandry Department in the district will soon pick up the Model Dairy Man (MDM) and Model Dairy Woman (MDW) in Kottur panchayat under a pilot scheme, Mission Safe Milk Kottur which is aimed at improving the quality of milk and dairying.

The best performers will be selected from various farming clusters, which will be formed soon. Project coordinators say the scheme aims to cover maximum number of farmers under the five regional dairy cooperative societies in the panchayat, and give scientific and field support to help them meet modern quality parameters. “What we aim is the production of antibiotic-free and residue-free milk by modernising every facet of dairying,” they say.

The Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Centre for One Health Education Advocacy Research and Training (COHEART), and the Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Milma) are chipping in. A centre for the production of value-added products and a unit for handling health-related issues in the dairy sector too are envisaged.

Panchayat president Sheeja Karangott and veterinary surgeon from Kottur Veterinary Dispensary P.P. Bineesh say the project will contribute a great deal in improving the sanitation and hygiene standards in milk production, and the personal hygiene of dairy farmers. Minister for Excise and Labour T.P. Ramakrishnan will inaugurate the project at Kottur on Saturday.