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Schoolchildren seem to be well aware that food is profitable business in Kozhikode. Most of the stalls in the most-profitable category at the Vadakara Regional Vocational Expo, which began at Government Vocational Higher Secondary School, Meenchanda, on Monday, featured food and were hosted by girls.

The vocational expo, organised as part of the Kozhikode Revenue District Science, Social Science, Mathematics and IT Fest, was where youngsters from the vocational higher secondary schools of Kozhikode and Wayanad districts showcased their entrepreneurial skills. The competition was in categories such as most innovative, most marketable, most profitable and curriculum-related. Most of the exhibits in the most innovative category focused on efficient management of energy and natural resources.

Irrigation system

The host, GVHSS, Meenchanda, developed an automatic irrigation system based on the water content in the soil. The technology can also be adapted to be used in households to automate the water pumping system completely.

The GVHSS Kinasseri team came up with a wireless doorbell while the Government Sarvajana VHSS in Sulthan Bathery came up with the model of a semi-aquaponic integrated farm that suits small spaces such as apartments. It was a concept in which pisciculture, a bird farm and vegetable garden go hand in hand. The Technical Higher Secondary School team from Sulthan Bathery developed a simple home automation system that enables a person to switch on or off all electronic and electrical devices in a house through a mobile application with the help of a website.

The Sarvajana team won the first prize in the category while Rahmania VHSS, Kozhikode, bagged the first prize in the curriculum-related category as well as the most marketable category. K.K.M. VHSS, Orkatteri, bagged the first prize in the most profitable category. The expo concluded on Tuesday.

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