A nursery at home Demand for potted ornamental plants on the rise in Mysore

By TheHindu on 08 Mar 2017 | read

Staff Correspondent

The demand for ornamental plants is on the rise

MYSORE: Plants of different kinds occupy most of the vacant space in the compound. These plants have provided supplementary income for over a decade to B. Vanaja, a housewife and resident of Kuvempunagar.

Cashing in on the increasing interest among people in raising small gardens, Ms. Vanaja is one among the few people here who have developed nurseries at home to meet the demand for ornamental plants.

Limited space

With limited space available to grow plants, the demand for potted ornamental plants is on the rise. Flowering, medicinal and ornamental plants are in good demand. Besides many housewives such as Ms. Vanaja who have been selling plants from home, many nurseries have started selling a variety of plants at Lakshmipuram, JLB Road and other places.


According to Ms. Vanaja, the sale of plants has provided adequate supplementary income over the years, and they are priced between Rs. 5 and Rs. 100 depending on size and species. "The price of saplings sold is very meagre. Initially, I was offering the saplings free, but people did not look after them well."

"Raising plants, a hobby for the last two decades, has given immense satisfaction to me. The biodegradable waste generated is being properly used, as we prepare our own manure," she said. She does not use chemical fertilizers for the saplings and prepares the organic manure needed for the nursery at home.

Ms. Vanaja used to raise the small garden nursery alone, Now, her husband, P.M. Marulusiddappa, assists her after his retirement.

While they collected saplings from various places, friends and family members have also contributed in increasing the variety of the garden.

The nursery raised at their house on Aniketana Road has a variety of species on offer, such as palm, royal palm, crotons, cactus, ferns, roses, anthuriums, lilly, hibiscus, lantana, exora, dahlia and hydrangea.

There are creepers such as vanilla and fruit saplings such as guava, papaya, pomegranate, mango and lemon.

There is a small board outside the house saying "Plants for sale." A peep into the compound will open up a new world of gardening.