A New Tomato Variety Released for North East Region



Shillong (Umiam)

Megha Tomato-3, a new variety of Tomato has been released by the State Variety Release Committee to increase vegetable production in the north- east region.

The variety developed by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Barapani carries characters sufficient to fight against the draconian disease bacterial wilt, and can survive under low temperatures, which is a most common phenomena in the region.

It can successfully be grown in the rainfed as well as irrigated ecologies. Parent lines of the variety are Pusa-Sheetal and Lima which is an exotic variety. Male and female plant heights are 55.5 cm (Indeterminate) and 35.5 cm (determinate) respectively.

Other differences between male and female are: male plants are bearing erect, multi branched, big size fruit; while female are dwarf, early multi branched, starchy, fruit medium size. After many years’ trial, the variety has shown tolerance to wilt with high yielding under adverse climatic conditions.

“The variety is being recommended for the region as it is tolerant to bacterial wilt and can bear low temperatures said”, Dr. BC Deka, Head Horticulture division, ICAR, Umiam.

Megha Tomato-3 has 2.30% acidity and 19.20 mg/100g ascorbic acid which responsible for vitamin-C and antioxidant. Another important property of the new variety is the presence of comparatively higher red pigment, called Lycopene, which carries 36.59 mg/100g. The further reports suggest that Lycopene is entrusted with the antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. It especially fights against lung and stomach cancers in human body.

(Source: NAIP Sub-Project of Mass Media Mobilization, DIPA with inputs from ICAR-RC-NEH, Umiam, Shillon)