A ‘fruit’ful association despite bifurcation

By TheHindu on 11 Mar 2017 | read

Notwithstanding the bad blood created through politics, ties between people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are certain to continue in future, especially in the economic sphere.

For example, a healthy trade relationship has come into being between horticulturists of the soon-to-be States in the area of mango production.

The famous nurseries in Kadiam of West Godavari district will now purchase mango saplings of ‘improved’ hybrid commercial varieties from the Hariyali nursery in Adilabad. The latter is currently involved in producing about 3 lakh mother plants of indigenous mango variety which will later be crossed with the hybrids to produce saplings which are much sturdier in characteristics.

“Our mango trees are stronger compared to the hybrid or local varieties found elsewhere in Andhra Pradesh, or for that matter Telangana,” opines Sarsan Janardhan Reddy of Hariyali.

“Through grafting, we produce saplings which have acquired characteristics from the mother plant to become stronger and bear fruit which is much better in quality,” he adds, talking about the activity.

The mother plant will be produced in 60 to 75 days, in time for grafting with the hybrids. “Grafting will be done before the onset of the winter,” Mr. Reddy reveals.

In September, the local variety will be crossed with the famous Banganapally, Dusseri, Alphonso, Kesar and Royal Special varieties before the resultant saplings are exported to Kadiam.

The business is likely to increase in quantum in near future given the steady growth in demand for good quality saplings everywhere.

The only stumbling block will be availability of indigenous variety mango trees in Adilabad given their decimation for instant commercial considerations. A large number of huge desi mango trees have been cut and sold at many places in the district.

The seed which comes to Hariyali nursery belongs to old mango orchards in Wadoor of Neredigonda mandal and Tandra of Mamda mandal. The owners here get a decent supplemental income just by collecting the seeds from mangoes of their trees.

S. Harpal Singh