A Fig Tree Of The Kind Mentioned In The Bible

By TheHindu on 23 Jun 2015 | read

EXOTIC VARIETY: The fig tree at Kallar in Kollam, bearing many fruits.A fig tree grows luxuriant at Kallar, a plantation belt within the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary in Kollam district.

The Mediterranean or common fig tree (ficus carica Moraceae) is mentioned time and again in the Bible and is the subject of much theological discussion and interpretation.


The Biblical fig tree finds mention at least three times in the New Testament.

These are in the Gospel of Luke (13: 6 to 9) in Mark (11: 12 to14) and Mathew (21: 18 to 22) as parables.

Luke quotes Jesus mentioning about a fig tree in a vineyard while Mathew and Mark mention about Jesus cursing and withering a fig tree near Bethany.


All three trees were barren and hence the interesting interpretations.

The fig tree at Kallar abundantly bears fruits and this makes it an attractive sight for visitors who might come to the place.

It stands as a fine shade tree on the edge of an open ground in the midst of a rich clove estate.

The open ground is used for the purpose of drying cloves.

The late Jacob Thaliyath, owner of the estate, brought the sapling from West Asia many years ago and planted it there.

The exotic plant adapted itself well to the tropical forest situation of Kallar region.

The sapling grew into a sturdy tree and started bearing fruits. The tree is now in fruit. The fruits flower in a brownish green hue and ripen to the size of apples sporting a purple hue.

Renju Thaliyath, who now owns the estate, said they often enjoy the figs as a fine succulent meal.