7 foods men must eat for better sex life

By Times Of India on 11 Nov 2017 | read
Food plays a major role in not just keeping a number of diseases at bay but also in taking care of several physical issues. Sometimes ailments can even be addressed by including the right foods in your diet.

According to nutritionist Karnika S, " You can not just improve your sperm count, but also the quality of your sperm if you eat foods that contain phytosterols, zinc, L-Arginine etc, that lead to the production of better quality sperms."

Celebrity nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani says, "Diet impacts fertility, especially sperm count and quality. Having diet rich in anti-oxidants like vitamins A,C,E, Selenium and carotene, helps in improving sex life."

Here is a list of foods which, when consumed on a daily basis, are said to improve sexual performance in men.

Ginseng: It is an ancient remedy to enhance virility in men. It is said to contain micro-ingredients that not just increase the sexual ability in men but also help in improving the quality of sperms.

Pumpkin seeds: Rich in phytosterols that are said to balance testosterone production in body, it contributes in increasing sperm count as well as semen volume. Anti-oxidants and fatty acids found in them contribute in increasing sexual ability.

Amla or Gooseberries : Known as youth and longevity mantra in Ayurveda, amla helps in uplifting the overall stamina and mood.It increases immunity and sexual desire. It also helps in maintaining optimum temperature in scrotum.

Garlic: If you think garlic is effective only against cold and heart disease, you will be surprised to know that it has been used as an aphrodisiac since centuries. It contains allicin which helps in blood flow towards male sexual organs and also in increasing the quality of sperm.

Chocolate: Chocolate contains both a sedative which relaxes and lowers inhibitions and a stimulant to increase activity and the desire for physical contact. It also contains an amino acid- L-Arginine which is known to increase semen volume.

Bananas: Suggestively shaped, bananas reduce blood pressure and we all know that there's nothing quite like excessively high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) to cause erectile dysfunction. Due not only to its shape, but also its creamy, lush texture, some studies show its enzyme bromelain enhances male performance.

Oysters: Oysters have been on the list of libido lifters for centuries now. Casanova reportedly had dozens every morning before setting out on his amorous quests. Research shows that bivalve molluscs are actually rich in zinc, essential for testosterone production, and hence can boost sexual performance in men and women.