6th Global Moringa Meet 2018

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Event Information

Start Date: 29-Sep-2018
End Date : 30-Sep-2018
Venue: Jaipur, India

To explore the subject in unprecedented breadth and depth, India based Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC)’s 6th Global Moringa Meet focuses on the entire Moringa production from Ground zero to scale from September 29-30, 2018, Jaipur, India. Topics are carefully selected to cover the Agronomy, Horticulture, Biology, Engineering, Marketing and Financial aspects of Moringa commercialization. ABC is recognized as an important platform for productive exchanges among the Academic, Commercial and Investment communities.  Join us at this unique knowledge platform to share the latest information on: An Update from the Moringa Industry Advances in Moringa Research & development Production Systems   Commercial track of Moringa — Leading the Way to New heights Harvesting and Extraction Frontiers of Moringa Biotechnology and so on. This shall address biofuels-related topic within four thematic areas: environment and human well-being, economics, technology, and geography.

The Global Moringa Meet 2018 is the 6th critical workshop to be held in India aimed at helping Moringa farmers and project developers around the world to understand the Moringa crop and add value to their Moringa Business Activity. The workshop will focus on the practical considerations of cultivation, management and business potential of Moringa from the perspective of Moringa producer, processer, practioner and Moringa Business developer. The earlier Moringa workshops have enjoyed tremendous success and have positioned Moringa as one of the most viable sources of food and fuel.

The 6th Global Moringa Meet will be led by world class Moringa Expert and scientists, who have extensive practical experience in the development of Moringa .Over the two days of the Moringa Production to Applications workshop, Course Leaders will discuss 9 Essential practices that will enhance existing Moringa cropping systems, and take the Moringa Olefeira crop to an ideal model for industrial cultivation.

These Key Practices Include:

  • Selections of Elites of Moringa for higher productivity per acre
  • Proper techniques for nurturing saplings in Nursery
  • Healthy Practices to Reduce Incidence of Diseases
  • Maximising Returns by effective implementation of Intercropping
  • Minimizing the use of Fertilizers & Irrigation
  • Best Practices in Silviculture to increase productivity and ease harvest
  • Cutting back on Losses during Seed Harvest, Storage & Oil Extraction
  • Value Addition to Moringa Projects with use of by products.
  • Proper Moringa leaf growing, harvesting and processing techniques

Scientists and experts at Moringa India have over 20 years of extensive expertise and varied practical experience in the cultivation of Moringa in a variety of soil types.

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